Friday 16 December 2011

"The Starmind Record"

Here's another sci-fi webseries, The Starmind Record.
Two documentary filmmakers from Los Angeles discover and investigate the presence of an extra-terrestrial intelligence.
The series was written and directed by Tennyson E. Stead, who learned the business of film through working as a financier of independent motion pictures.  He's a great source of usable quotes. Here are a few I liked:
  • Producing sucks, nobody wants to do it, and as soon as people realize you can...
  • This is one of the youngest industries in the world! To think that anyone has this business down to a science is pure foolishness.
  • Breaking in means helping people on their terms, so they'll trust you when it comes to terms of your own.
  • Everyone wants to be in film, and nobody wants the risk associated with a creative career. Creativity and security, in the end, are mutually exclusive. That's why Hollywood is in the mess that it's in today.
  • With the right content and the right business model, a blockbuster can come from any budget range.
  • Success isn't about praying for rain. Success is about collecting dewdrops and working from there.
Food for thought. Meanwhile, here's Episode 1 of The Starmind Record.

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