Wednesday 21 December 2011

"The Hip-Hop Diaries"

People make webseries for a lot of different reasons. Some think they're going to get rich this way. I know one whose money-making business plan is based on kidding writers into handing over their work to him, for nothing. He claims that, "Anything less is just not realistic from a producing point of view." Others want to experience some sense of fulfillment before this short life is over. Still others want to say something about themselves or their community. This next clip falls in the last category. 

The Hip-Hop Diaries is filmed by Jomel Lee Guanzon from Indie Light Films, a production company that employs HD Digital equipment, while sticking to guerrilla tactics. Their mission is to produce films with a message; the kind of films Hollywood likes to stay away from. Their motto... No Execs, No Egos. 

Episode 1 has old-school graffiti artist, Cre8, showcasing his skills for the youth at a non-profit Hip-Hop organization in Los Angeles called JUiCE (Justice by Uniting in Creative Energy), which meets at the MacArthur Park Recreation Center. I suspect Richard Harris would have been thrilled.

This series started as a short documentary, but blew out to multiple interviews and video of the Hip-Hop Underground. It has local Emcees, DJs, B-Boys and Graffiti Artists/Writers, voicing their opinions and showcasing their skills.

Here's Episode 1 of The Hip-Hop Diaries.

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