Sunday 4 December 2011

Star Wars, Cello, and the Darth Vader accordion...

I couldn't resist this. Cello Wars by Al van der Beek and Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys.

Cello Wars took seventy days to make. That's more than 7,000 frames, 24 hours filming in front of a green screen, 72 audio tracks, a ton of props and costumes, several broken bows and strings, and over 1,000 hours of editing and rendering.

Tel Stewart edited every single frame in order to make the light sabers work (a total of over 7,000 frames).

Original music composed by John Williams. This arrangement written and produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson.

    Steven Sharp Nelson: Electric Cellos/Vocals/Percussion
    Al van der Beek: Vocals/percussion (
Darth Vader).
    Paul Anderson: Chewbacca.
    Costume design by Alison Morris.

Now turn up the volume and listen to this!

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