Friday 23 December 2011

201 billion

We keep piling up more and more videos online. Is anyone watching them? According to Comscore, a digital business analysis company, the answer is 'yes'
In October 2011, 201.4 billion videos were viewed online from a home or work location, with the global viewing audience reaching 1.2 billion unique viewers age 15 and older. Google Sites led as the top global video property with nearly 88.3 billion videos viewed on the property during the month, accounting for 43.8 percent of all videos viewed globally. was the key driver of video viewing on Google Sites, accounting for more than 99 percent of videos viewed on the property.

China-based Youku, Inc. was the second largest video property globally with 4.6 billion videos viewed in October (2.3 percent global share), followed by VEVO which accounted for nearly 3.7 billion videos (1.8 percent share). Nearly 2.6 billion videos were watched on during the month (1.3 percent share), followed by Japan-based Dwango Co., Ltd. with 2.5 billion videos viewed (1.2 percent share).
This is good news for anyone contemplating making any version of internet TV; your audience is hungry and waiting.

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Kathy said...

I'm not sure there is an automatic audience for webseries just because of the huge numbers of viewers online. People watch very specific types of video. For example, I watch music videos and film segments; one daughter watches music videos, film trailers and cookery demonstrations; another daughter watches lectures and language videos, my son watches comedy and music videos. Although I am a writer I don't watch book trailers. There is a lot of watching, and a lot of forgiveness for poor quality if a video is directly on-subject, but very little tolerance for off-topic material. I think the challenge is showing viewers you have something they can relate to.