Thursday 8 December 2011

The Melting Pot

The Screen Producers Association of Australia (SPAA) recently set up up an online collaboration and networking website, called The Melting Pot. Here's what they say about themselves:
The Melting Pot is a place to collaborate, network & discuss screen projects. The Melting Pot puts you and your ideas in front of the top decision makers in the Screen Industry. By joining the Melting Pot community you will be able to post information on yourself and your projects including footage and promo reels. We will be hosting webinars and posting the latest news, interesting jobs and industry events weekly. It will act like a one-stop shop for anyone working their way into the industry and it’s free to join.
The Melting Pot is a kind-of Facebook for the Australian film industry. Have a look around. I did a search under 'writer' and only found 28 people, so it's still new. Add your details and let's see where this goes

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