Sunday 25 December 2011

Hullo, it's Christmas...

Well, it's Xmas, that special time of the year when our families get in our face and we need to be reminded that they aren't as horrible as some other people's families.

Horrible People is a ten-episode web series created by A.D. Miles. It is a spoof on traditional daytime soaps, with over-the-top plot lines and wild characters that are extreme versions of soap opera characters.

Each five-minute episode takes place in the same setting: an engagement party, where the "horrible people" are all... uh... horrible to each other. 

Horrible People has become popular among fans of spoof comedy, and garnered a fan base of traditional soap opera fans. The series has it all: a black sheep come back to the fold, a scheming mother, a pregnant fiance strangled with her own sweater, and much more! The plot lines are melodramatic, unbelievable everything soap fans love.

Horrible People was nominated for the 2009 Webby Award in the "Best Comedy Series" category.

Here's episode 1.

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And now here's a modern (digital) Nativity.

Oh, and Merry Christmas... to you, and all your family!


What?  You want something else to watch? 

Well, okay, it's Christmas, so just one more: Wonder Years - Christmas.

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Kathy said...

Thanks for the digital story of the nativity. Very witty.