Thursday 22 December 2011

"Liquid Lunch"

Danny Stack
Trust the Poms to come up with a pub lunch storyline for a web series. In this case it was created and directed by an Irishman, Danny Stack, who is originally from County Cork, the same area most of my mother's ancestors came from. 

Liquid Lunch is a short comedy web series that follows Ollie and Alex, two down-trodden twenty-somethings, who spend lunch every day in the same pub trying to inject some interest into their monotonous working day.

Stack is a former Eastenders writer and popular screenwriting blogger. The two main characters are played by Dan Doolan and Chris Billingham, who are writers as well as actors.

On his blog, Danny Stack has written a series of posts on the subject of How I Made A Webseries, that are well worth looking at.

Here's episode 1.

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1 comment:

Kathy said...

Really clever quips, wasted by writers trying to be actors.