Thursday 20 March 2014

Jack Lemmon on 'Glengarry Glen Ross'

Jack Lemmon was one of the greatest actors of the last century. Glengarry Glen Ross was one of the greatest films of the last century.  

Here we have, in two short recordings, Jack Lemmon sharing his thoughts on the subject of acting while talking about the making that film.

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Unknown said...

Jack Lemmon has serious advice for actors and writers. His comments on David Mamet in particular are fascinating: every eh, uh and um in his movie is designed, not ad-libbed. Jack Lemmon says it's up to the actor to find the rhythym and make it look natural.

Jack Lemmon seems to hold playwrights in awe. He says playwrights are a sponge, they sop you up as a character. He gives an example of natural dialogue which you would generally never seen written in a book.

Interesting interview, thanks, Henry.