Thursday 27 March 2014

"Am I Going Too Fast?"

Hank Willis Thomas is the creator of Question Bridge: Black Male a non-fiction new media project and recipient of a New Media Fellowship, New Media Fund grant from the Tribeca Film Institute and Aperture West Book Prize.

Co-Director Christopher Myers is an artist and writer best known for his books for young people which have garnered Caldecott Honors and been shortlisted for the National Book Award.
"Am I Going Too Fast?" is a digital tapestry of the intersecting worlds and interactions of craftspeople, shopkeepers, and ordinary folks whose lives have been transformed by new technologies, cell phone banking, and micro-finance; threads that weave together to form a web of connection and possibility in contemporary Nairobi.

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Unknown said...

This is a well made film with a clear message: Africa has a bigger population than India and China, 70% of the population is under 30, we should not be misled by the images we see on TV, it is transforming. Africa is a place where poverty is being replaced by industry, and where micro-loans and cell-phones are leading to the creation of successful businesses.

Really? Even the images on the movie itself show dire poverty, sweat shops and poor safety standards. No mention is made of Africa's AIDS epidemic or violent warfare, refugees, and failing farm practices. It is good to be positive and look forward, but the film is like a dishonest advertisement.