Monday 31 March 2014

Great advertising posters

Advertising? I hate it. I mute the sound, I change the channel, I beg.
Please stop assailing my brain with adverts. Bring back the gamma rays from Jupiter!
But there is no escaping. It's everywhere. 

My wife likes the ads. She hums those dumb irritating tunes. She willingly sits through the commercials, then gets up to go to the loo once the program resumes. It kills me.

I was told that marriage was character-building. No one mentioned commercials.

Anyway, occasionally, just occasionally, I see an advert that nails it and I forgive the Madmen all over again.

Here are some posters from PlayBuzz which qualify:


Unknown said...

These are really clever.

Unknown said...

That post is really amazing! I totally agree that those look clever. Whoever thought of them is one creative person. The ads are making their environment work for them, which is pretty rad, yet practical at the same time. Thank you for collecting those pictures and sharing them with us!

Lisa Thompson @ Controlled Color