Wednesday 15 January 2014

"The Harvest"

This short film was an entry by Thomas Phillips in an international competition at for ‘Best Video of the Harvest 2013′. It finished up as #6 in the world.

The video provides a view of the 2013 grape harvest in McLaren Vale, at Oliver's Taranga Vineyards. It takes us through the entire process during harvest, from picking, to the crush, to fermentation, and then finally to barreling. McLaren Vale is situated south of Adelaide. It usually features prominently in the telecast of the Tour Down Under (which is about cycling, for the uninitiated).

Thomas Phillips is a young filmmaker who has been shooting and making films since he got hold of Dad’s camcorder at the age of twelve.

The music was provided by the trio Spine.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

It's very detailed. He must have visited the vineyard many times. Everything looked so new! And they let so many leaves and twigs in. Excellent finish.