Sunday 19 January 2014

Sundance by the Numbers

Just in time for Sundance ’14 (which runs from 16-26 January), Cultural Weekly and Entertainment Media Partners have released an in-depth infographic compiling key data from the last five years, including 2014. Their findings are a mixed bag of encouraging stats and disheartening truths.

The study collected data from top indie film producers, sales agents and indie financiers and found several interesting stats.

  • With an annual production budget of over $3 billion, the study found that independent film spending “rivals” that of major studios.
  • The average budget for an independent film was found to be $750,000 per movie, a number that was rounded down to be conservative.
  • More than half of the films screened at Sundance received distribution deals — though figures also show that investors usually don’t make much (or anything) on their investments, less than 2% to be exact.
Here's the infographic for your further analysis.

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Unknown said...

It's interesting to see that for the first time since 2010 at least, the number of international entries exceeded the number of US entries.

It's also interesting to see that even when a film is finished, movie distributors cannot gauge how well it will do in the box office.