Tuesday 1 May 2012

Warner Bros. takes you "Inside The Script"

Yesterday, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution launched something they're calling "Inside The Script". It is a series of illustrated eBooks that contain a film’s shooting script and other materials from the Warner Bros. Corporate Archive. 

The first series of “Inside the Script” titles are based on classic films, including Casablanca, Ben-Hur, An American in Paris and North by Northwest

Every “Inside the Script” title includes the film’s complete shooting script in a customizable eBook format; dozens of chapters about the script and film that detail the movie’s development; rare historical documents such as production notes, storyboards and candid photos; and an interactive image gallery of costumes, on-set stills, movie posters, set designs, and behind-the-scenes photos.

“Inside the Script” titles include:
Casablanca - Jack Warner’s telegrams and memos
- Producer Hal Wallis’ script and production notes
- Production Code Administration letters, notes and seal of approval
- Telegram from producer Hal Wallis refuting his fight with Jack Warner

Page 43, of 501 pages, of the Casablanca 'Inside The Script'
- Rare behind-the-scenes materials including makeup and wardrobe tests, production design sketches, sample matte paintings
- A forward and captions written by Charlton Heston’s son, Fraser C. Heston
- Excerpts from Charlton Heston’s acting and shooting journals during filming
- Details about the development of Panavision and MGM’s proprietary widescreen process (MGM Camera 65)

An American in Paris
- Full shooting script
- Detailed descriptions from continuity script’s musical numbers
- Treatment for the ballet sequence from Vincente Minnelli’s papers
- Set design paintings from the MGM production design collection
- Tickets to the film’s Hollywood premiere from MGM makeup artist John Truwe

North by Northwest
- Director Alfred Hitchcock’s editing and main title sequence notes
- Composer Bernard Herrmann’s music notes
- Photos and documents from Alfred Hitchcock’s papers:
      - story department photos
      - storyboards and photos of crop duster sequence
      - production schedules and daily scene reports
      - hair and makeup tests
      - costume sketches

Every 'Inside the Script' includes:
- The complete shooting script in a new-customizable eBook format.
- A dozen or more chapters about the script and the film, placing them within their greater historical and cinematic contexts.
- Items from film archives, including reproductions of rare historical documents such as production notes, memos, schedules, sketches,
and artwork.
- Image galleries with zoomable, high-resolution images of costumes, on-set stills, movie posters, set designs and behind-the-scenes action.
- Glossaries of historical and film terms.
- Production timeline.

“Inside the Script” releases are now available for Kindle, iBookstore, and Nook for $9.99 per title. For more information visit: www.facebook.com/insidethescript.  

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Kathy said...

I imagine that will be an invaluable resource for all aspiring screenwriters.