Thursday 17 May 2012

"Goodbye Sara Hennessey"

Goodbye Sara Hennessey is a six-part web miniseries about a weird and excitable 27-year-old gal who, after getting dumped, makes several absurd attempts at self improvement. It was written by Sara Hennessey, directed and edited by Philipp G. Berg. In each episode of the series, the comedienne’s flighty and self-focused character is dumped by a different man, and seizes on perceived shortcomings to focus on for self-improvement, with unpredictable results.

Sara Hennessey is a Toronto-based stand-up comic who’s been playing backrooms and showcase sets around Toronto for years and years.

Episode 1: "Sara Gets Spontaneous and Mysterious."    Facebook    Tumblr    Twitter    Vimio    Website    YouTube   

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