Monday 21 May 2012

David Lynch sells coffee in Japan

David Lynch
David Lynch used his own show, Twin Peaks, as a vehicle to sell Georgia Coffee in Japan. (Today it is the #1 selling caffeine drink in Japan, outselling Coke two-to-one.)  

When asked whether he was concerned about what the commercials might do to the Twin Peaks image, he said, “I’m really against it in principle, but they were so much fun to do, and they were only running in Japan and so it just felt okay.”

The four 30-second commercials follow an FBI Special Agent (Kyle McLachlan) as he enjoys plenty of Georgia Coffee and solves the mystery of a missing Japanese woman in the town of Twin Peaks. Lynch was supposed to do a second series, but the Japanese company cancelled them.

Episode One: "Lost."

Episode Two: “Cherry Pie.”

Episode Three: “The Mystery of ‘G’.”

Episode Four: “The Rescue.”

It's not official until it's been on The Simpsons. Here Homer gives us the benefit of his insights into Twin Peaks and Georgia Coffee. (You'll need to turn the sound up for this one.)

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