Wednesday 30 May 2012

13 Artists

Peter Drew is at it again. Last year he peppered the byways of Adelaide with posters from our criminal past. This time he is part of a team of thirteen South Australian artists who are creating responses to a Colonial icon that will be hung in the Art Gallery of South Australia, then released onto the streets of Adelaide for anyone to take. Yeah, for anyone to take.

South Australia Illustrated provides insight into the inspired development of the colony of South Australia through three exhibitions: Colonial Painting in the Land of Promise, Bounty: South Australian Gold and Silver and a contemporary street art response, From the street. 

Unfinished' was created by Peter Drew as part of 'South Australia Illustrated: From the Street', an exhibition of Contemporary responses to colonial art that will be on display at The Art Gallery of South Australia from June 2-August 5, 2012. 

Participating artists include: Berk, Jake Bresanello, James Cochran, Peter Drew, Sam Evans, Kate Gagliardi, Jake Holmes, Madeline Reece, Garry Seaman, Matthew Stuckey, Joel Van Der Knaap, Dan Withey, and Kerri Ann Wright.

Here is Peter Drew's video enticement for you to participate in the event.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Some talent there!

Kathy said...

This is a great trailer for an art exhibition.

Is there some sort of fashion these days for allowing art to wander into the wider world? One could see this as an effort to improve society by incorporating art naturally, but it could also be seen as patronising as there is an expectation that someone in that society is going to steal that piece of art.