Sunday 11 March 2012

"Western X"

At last, a western webseries. Called Western X.
A man struggles to find out the truth behind his identity while fighting an evil army.
Yep, it's an amnesia/alternative reality/supernatural/western. No zombies, vampires or pandas, though. Sorry.
On the plains of a desert wasteland, a man known only as X is on the verge of death. Among a pile of dead bodies he awakens, with no memories of his past and hunted by an unknown enemy, he struggles to uncover the truth behind his identity; this is the beginning of his journey. Each episode uncovers some truth about who he is and sheds light on the strange world he finds himself in. 
Written, directed and produced by Michael Flores, Western X tells of a mysterious traveler with major memory loss, who must walk the wastelands of a western world in search of the truth about himself.

Here's Episode 1.

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Kathy said...

After 2 minutes we were still getting credits so I stopped. This looks and feels like the start of a full-blown movie, not a webseries. Nice important music etc but I am wary now of amnesiacs finding out how the world works and how they fit in it, after investing so much emotional energy in Lost and finding the producers hadn't.

Anonymous said...

Well, after 6mins it did'nt go anywhere! It's crap!!

Anonymous said...

Leave the westerns to Clint, he knows
what he is doing!