Sunday 18 March 2012

"Chivalry Ain't Dead"

This is post #200.  

Ideas: you find them where you find them. Some people dream up ideas. Some people get ideas in the shower. Some people get ideas walking through a supermarket. And some people take ideas straight off their Twitter feed.

You know the ones. May be odd, may be funny, may be penetratingly true. For example: 
My daughter tried out for a school play. I love my kids, but their interest in doing things that I'll have to attend is getting annoying. -@moooooog35

I'm used to calling myself black. Calling myself African American now is too hard -- it's like switching to the metric system. -@BeeMacDee1950

I should learn what Spanish words mean before I say them.... -@KayleeT

I've had kisses that make Judas seem sincere. -@kirkdiedrich

I was a highly paid software sales executive for decades but now I'm doing what I really love: Taking the first fucking job I was offered. -@buck4itt

If I'm ever accused of a crime, my Google search history isn't going to help matters. -@gonnakillhim

While someone is speaking to me, 80% of my inner dialogue is just wondering if my face looks interested. -@kellyoxford

It's a yogurt-based economy. The only thing that works together in Greece is eyebrows -@sethmeyers21

Our Basset Hound once jumped out a 2nd story window after a cat in the yard. Ears flapped like wings as she sailed down to the ground. -@KarenGowen
Dead horses caused HBO to cancel Luck? Man, I hope they're properly looking after the dragons on Game of Thrones. -@jessicakiang
And to the Academy: "You don't like me. You really don't like me." -@AlbertBrooks
This series is called #nitTWITS. It consists of sketch comedy inspired by funny or interesting tweets. Amber Tozer and Mark Sayre created the series, which is produced by Fantom Mechanic.

The following episode came from the tweet:
Yes the "women and children first" rule still applies when there is a murderer in the house. -@tracy_marq

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it when there was a real murderer there.

Malcolm said...

Very funny.