Monday 12 March 2012

Startup Launch Videos

Some of you think short films and webseries are just for practice, ahead of you being invited to Steven Spielberg's house for a few beers. No. They have other uses. More profitable uses.

One of those is as a launch vehicle for setting up a new company. Here are some examples.

Michael Dubin. This guy started a business with a video. It received over a million views in under a week. The Dollar Shave Club.

Tim Schafer. This guy set out to raise $400,000 to make a computer game. He got over a $1million in the first 24 hours. When I last looked, it was over $2.6million, with three days to go. Thanks to this video.

 Nosh. What's good here? A restaurant app for your phone. This video sold it.

See? You could do stuff like that, too. Right?

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Having beers with Stephen King. Love it.

Were all those videos written by the same person? The first two in particular had very similar dry self-deprecating jokes yet were very open emotionally. No wonder they succeeded.