Friday 23 March 2012

"Diego Valdez's World of Art"

Diego Valdez
Here's a Hollywood_Tweet video featuring the celebrity portraits of Diego Valdez

Who's that? A Colombian actor, poet, model, artist and founder of Voilartists art studio. 

Diego's career began in the world of fashion and television in Colombia. Although he was one of the most sought after male models in the fashion world, he has also been a featured artist in places like LA Weekly, Phoenix New Times and Village Voice, and has won awards for his writing in Argentina and Colombia. 

The video shows a series of his paintings, set to 'Arctic Blues' by MOnk Music, off the Damaged Music for Damaged People album.

Keep an eye out for the (usually) irrepressible, though modest, Lisa Boss, who would never draw attention to herself, or mention that 'Arctic Blues' was written just for her.

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I love him