Friday 9 March 2012

"Lessons for the Living"

Here's something different, a trailer for a film called Lessons for the Living
Moving through New York City's fast-pace, life often seems a blur. Yet, within this city, a group of people quietly seek solace by spending time with the dying. Lessons for the Living reveals a unique subculture of Hospice volunteers as they reflect on their experiences and philosophies of life and death. Among them, a teenager escapes from the drama of high school, a hard-edged corporate lawyer searches for meaning and a terminally ill woman faces her own death with unexpected humor and grace. As the baby boomer generation nears its end, this film offers a timely look at what it means to face death. Lessons for the Living shows that the dying have a great deal to offer the living.
Lessons for the Living was made by Lily Henderson (director/editor), Ed David (cinematographer), Alex Ramirez-Mallis (2nd camera), Leslie Koren (producer) and Shani Hashaviah (producer). They are members of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective.

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