Sunday 1 January 2012

2011: A review

I often start something new by looking back for a moment. I like to see where I've been, and take some time to think about where I'm going.

When I started this blog, I had tiny expectations. 

My first objective was to provide a place online where a new, local screenwriter could make contact with like-minded people in Adelaide. I called it Adelaide Screenwriter for a reason: figured that it would show up on Google. And it does, now. Not only that, but we've had our first two contacts from newcomers, who we've been able to plug into local screenwriting groups. Welcome, Benn and Malcolm

The big surprise, for me, was the depth of interest from overseas. In less than four months, we had almost 9,000 hits, from 63 countries. I'd especially like to thank Xander Bennett (a fair dinkum writing ninja), Daniel Martin Eckhart, Anne Flournoy and George Paul for their contributions. You guys made me look good.

It's not well-known overseas, but Adelaide's got balls.
My second objective was to share my investigation of the world of webseries TV with interested friends. 

To that end, I've been embedding links to webseries as I've come across them, so we could all enjoy the range of different styles and approaches, and my friends and I could go back later and discuss them. 

During 2011, thirty-seven different webseries (some more different than others) got a guernsey:
2010 A Space Odyssey
24: Day Zero
Aidan 5
Axe Cop
Awkward Embraces
Broad City
Danger 5
Dating in the Middle Ages
Girl Parts
Girls Side
Hard Drive 13
Henry & Aaron's 7 Steps to Superstardom
Horrible People
Italian Spiderman
Liquid Lunch
Looking at You
Mixed Blooms
Odd Jobs
Perks, the Musical
Ruby Skye P.I.
Script Cops
The Hip-Hop Diaries
The Louise Log
The Nanny Interviews
The Other Normal
The Starmind Record
They Live Among Us
Vampire Mob
Vampire Zombie Werewolf
That's probably enough to get us arguing, but there are still so many others that I expect to be listing additional webseries for some time to come. 

My third objective was to gain experience of blogging, to help me understand a character I'd been writing in a screenplay. 

What did I learn? That serious blogging is hard work. (Mind you, it's also good fun.)      My initial commitment was that I'd concentrate on the blog, at the expense of all other writing, until Christmas. Then I'd review everything... 

And here we are. I'll be pressing on with this into the foreseeable future, as well as resuming my usual writing. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to add comments. I'm hoping to publish a few original interviews with screenwriters and filmmakers this year, and maybe write a few book reviews.

Welcome to 2012. All the best with your writing!

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Kathy said...

I'm glad you have decided to keep up this wonderful blog, Henry. I'm not even a screenwriter but I find the writing tips invaluable as well as your direct, smart running commentary. It helps that you're showcasing Adelaide. (Loved the caption under the Malls Balls.)