Tuesday 24 January 2012

"Oz Girl"

OzGirl is the creation of Melbourne writer and director Nicholas Carlton. He directed and co-wrote it with Sophie Tilson (who has since appeared on Neighbours). Sophie also stars in OzGirl with Shanrah Wakefield.

For those who don't know, "Oz" is a common shorthand for Australia, also known as "the wide brown land" and a few other things. Ruby slippers won't get you here, you need a plane; or a boat and a lot of determination. In Australia, lots of people (like me) grow up in the bush, then head to the bright lights of the big city, where they always find true happiness. Or something.

In the 23 episodes of OzGirl, we meet small-town country-girl, Sadie Brown, who moves to Melbourne to live with her cousin. She makes friends, gets a job, pursues her passion for photography, seeks "Mr. Right," and hopes to fall in love. She also wants to find her long-lost mother.  

Nick Carlton said that OzGirl was "Australia's first social web show in which the characters exist within the audience's existing social networks and interact with them as they would if they were real people.' The show won a bunch of awards.
A country girl in the big city...
Here's episode 1.

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And if you enjoyed that, here's an interview with the team that made the series.

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