Sunday 19 February 2012

"Topham Mall Free-For-All Time Lapse"

Topham Mall in Adelaide is home to one of those modern, box-like, iron-bars-and-grey-concrete car parks that popped up in cities all over the world, as massive numbers of automobiles took over the streets. Ugly as sin. I used to walk past it, years ago, on my way to work. The greyness would creep over me, generating the perfect mindset for another day of employment as a soulless bureaucrat. 

Then the Council ruined it by allowing anyone to paint the place anyway they wanted. It's an official art gallery now. Fortunately I don't work in the area anymore, because I would struggle to get back into the kafkaesque mindset needed for that job. 

The original "Free For All" was captured on time lapse camera by Mark Zed. As Chloe L. might say in flawless Strine: Get a bitta culcha inya. 

[Note for locals: All the pictures visible in the video have since been painted over.]


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