Saturday 11 February 2012

Finding your place in the film world

Filmmakers are beginning to experiment with Social Media as a way of improving the visibility and effectiveness of individual writers/directors/producers/actors/cinematographers/etc. In the United States there is Stage 32. In Australia we have The Melting Pot. In Ireland there is The Film Lobby

[No doubt I've missed a bunch of similar organisations. If you know of one, please click on "comments" below, and list their name and URL. Thanks.]

Now a Finnish group is setting up an international filmmakers cooperative called Filmsourcing. It's early days yet, so we're mostly waiting to see how this develops, but I can tell you the people involved have a sense of humour. How do I know? They published the Politically Incorrect Career Guide for people interested in film.

Click on the picture for a larger image
You have to apply for an invitation to join. They have a Filmmakers sharing resources website and a Facebook page. If you're having trouble seeing the picture, you can find the original flowchart here.


nathanmarch said...

So that's why you're a bolgger.

Kathy said...

At least he's one better than me. I'm a starving writer.