Monday 6 February 2012

"Fumbling Thru the Pieces"

Fumbling Thru The Pieces is a twelve-episode ensemble comedy revolving around Jesse's family and friends, each of whom is dealing with life the best way they know how.
When Jesse Shaw finally summons the courage to leave her husband and the Buckeye state (Ohio) for life with her sister Ellie in Los Angeles, she quickly discovers she’s not the only one figuring things out day by day: Ellie’s left the corporate world to find herself; husband Vince is just trying to hold on and help his wife put the pieces of her life back together; best friend Barb thrives on Ellie’s eccentricities while dealing with her own; neighborhood friend Shara has a juicy secret; and Stella is the group’s no-nonsense consciousness who impacts them all.
The show is written, produced, and directed by Julie A. Smith, who has been associated, in various capacities, with Melrose Place, 90210, The Drew Carey Show, Still Standing, Run of the House, Listen Up, and the George Lopez show. 

Working with Smith has been Donna Hurst, a talented musician, who is a co-writer and co-director of the series. She also wrote, produced and sings the title song "Fumbling Thru The Pieces".

Here's Episode 1.

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