Sunday 5 February 2012

Better than the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up. If you're not a Giants or a Patriots fan, you'll probably watch it for the ads. 

Here's one they let out early. For those of us used to seeing reruns of Seinfeld from the '80s and '90s, it's a shock to see how grey Jerry's looking in this car commercial. Of course he's two months younger than me, so maybe I should talk about something else. Umm... the Soup Nazi looks like he's been in a good paddock. The Munchkin... not so much.

Anyway, watch the commercial already.

If Honda can call on Jerry Seinfeld, Volkswagen go one better and enlist a fat dog and Darth Vader to get your attention.

Not enough? VolksWagen have a dog of a Super Bowl ad, The Bark Side. A canine chorus barks a familiar tune.

Meanwhile Honda called on Ferris Bueller to put it all in perspective for you.

Talk about people aging. If you don't remember the original, this should give you a few clues.

Clint Eastwood fronts for some more car manufacturers, all of them located in Detroit. This ad was described by Richard Corliss as "a minor miracle: a car commercial that is the new year's most highly praised film."

Okay, just one more, this time with Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator.  Obey! -- I mean, enjoy!

Now you don't need to watch the game. Use the time to write something of your own.

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