Thursday 10 November 2011

"Vampire Zombie Werewolf"

Here's Episode 1 of a great webseries, Vampire Zombie Werewolf, from KATR Pictures, the people who made Life From the Inside

The blurb: 
Mason Evan Harris was the best "English Language Obscure Foreign Holiday Novelty Songwriter" in the business. That was five years ago. Now that his money has run out, he's reluctantly come out of retirement to start a new career as a less-than-enthusiastic jingle writer. The road back to financial stability would be easier if his friends would just leave him alone... and if he was willing to leave his apartment.
Vampire Zombie Werewolf. Sounds tacky, right? Actually it's really good. Nearly 2 million viewers on YouTube can't all be wrong. The show was written and directed by Robb Padgett. As usual, there's a large cast and crew.

Vampire Zombie Werewolf. There are at least three things more terrifying than trying to finance a webseries in Hollywood. Take a guess what those three things are.

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