Saturday 19 November 2011

"Girls Side"

Ah, the British Royal Family. There's no one quite like them. Rich and classy, and rich, and sometimes hilarious. The Queen is still the "Queen of Australia" and Head of State for the Antipodes. She remains highly respected here, so much so that she felt safe traveling in Melbourne by tram.

The Queen is respected for having kept her nose clean and getting on with the business. Her family are viewed with a mixture of disdain and fascination, valued mostly for their varied party-tricks, such as toe-sucking, and novelty reincarnation wishes. Oh, and weddings. Grand, slap-up weddings; ones we never get invited to, but are allowed to watch on TV.

Australians watched the most recent Royal Wedding in their millions, arranged in serried rows in lounge rooms; women at the front, clutching hankies; men standing at the back, clutching a tinny; all anxiously awaiting a pratfall, or an unprogrammed response to the question, "If anyone here knows of any reason why..."

So it was with great interest that I came across an American report on the Wedding, as part of the Girls Side web series. Girls Side is a series of video reports on matters of national importance, but told (I assume) from the girls' POV. It's put together by a couple of New Yorkers, Lorraine Cink and Michelle Ciotta. I enjoyed this report, partly because it features an American doing a British accent, which is funny. When they try to do an Australian accent, it's cringe-worthy. (Please don't do that, Lorraine. Stick to the Royal Family.) Meanwhile, here's Lorraine Across the Pond.


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