Saturday 12 November 2011

"Odd Jobs"

Remember Home Alone, the 1990 John Hughes movie? And Buzz, the pain-in-the-ass older brother, who tormented poor little Macauley Culkin? He was played by Devin Ratray, who later turned up in Dennis the Menace, with Walter Matthau, back in 1993. 

Of course you do. But that leads to the question: Where is he now? Devin Ratray, that is, not Macauley Culkin or Walter Matthau.

Give up? Well, that's him below. The fat guy, now playing in a webseries called Odd Jobs. Written and directed by Jeremy Redleaf.
Blurb: Nate is a neurotic, recently laid-off investment banker. Joe (Devin Ratray) is his unemployed, morally questionable, hustler roommate. Unable to find gainful employment (or pay for his impending wedding), Nate secretly tags along on Joe's work-for-hire Craigslist adventures. Each episode finds the unlikely pair doing an outlandish job for ridiculous people in an absurd attempt to earn a random buck.
Here is Episode 1.

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