Saturday 13 September 2014

The Creative Process

Explore what it means to be human as we rush head first into the future through the eyes, creativity, and mind of Tiffany Shlain, acclaimed filmmaker and speaker, founder of The Webby Awards, mother, constant pusher of boundaries and one of Newsweek's "women shaping the 21st Century."

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Unknown said...

Tiffany Shlain sets out 10 steps for the creation of any collaborative film/art installation/writing project.

1. HUNCH. Follow this. Gather your team and jump off the cliff.

2. TALK ABOUT IT. Involve and engage the people who will support you throughout the project.

3. THE SPONGE. Go to art shows, see movies, read, Facebook questions, look at pictures.

4. BUILD. A filmmaker makes. Build, construct, write, read, collaborate. Create an architecture for your project.

5. CONFUSION. Fight dread, doubt and fear.

6. AWAY. Build time into your schedule to take a breath, let it marinate, don't think about it, get back your perspective.

7. THE LOVE SANDWICH. Ensure all feedback is snuggled in love. Set expectations, such as where you are in the project. Ask for questions in a way that enables the love sandwich: What works for you? What doesn't work for you? What works for you?

8. PREMATURE BREAKTHROUGH. Recognise these, but celebrate them anyway.

9. REVISIT NOTES. On the last home stretch, even under deadline, go the extra mile and find the clue, the missing link, which brings it all home.


Creation is a process. It takes you to a new place. Enjoy the process.