Saturday 20 September 2014

Kids react to old computers

Watch kids try to figure out how to use a 1970s era computer in an episode of the Fine Brothers Kids React web series.

My first computer was an Intel 80286-based machine, with 1mg of RAM and a 40mg hard drive, so I relate to the machine in use in this show. It's interesting to see kids wrestle with the technology; I remember more then a few moments of frustration myself.    

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Unknown said...

What a clever concept, interviewing children about their elder's gadgets. It wasn't a very fair introduction as even in the 1970s no one was expected to be able to just unpack a computer from its box and operate it without instruction. I notice the kids were involved when they played a game, even though it was simple. I also noticed the instinct to write one's name, even using an unfamiliar piece of technology.

I remember trying to play with my father's old wind-up toys. They were kind of fascinating, except too warped and broken to be anything but frustrating.

Despite my killjoy approach, this is a fun segment. I guess we all enjoy seeing how wide the generation gap is when a child asks, "Where's the mouse?" or unsuccessfully taps on a monitor.