Sunday 17 November 2013

One year on... Patricia Hetherington

Patricia Hetherington is a New Zealand film producer currently living and working in London.

We first talked to Patricia in September 2012, at which time she was obviously settling into a fast-paced life involving full-time employment and a wide-range of volunteer activities. ____________________________________________________

When we last talked you were working full-time, contributing to several film shoots, practicising/performing belly-dancing, completing a short film, attending film festivals and Q+As, writing screenplays, and idling your spare time away catching up with friends. Has much changed in the last twelve months?

At the moment I have a lot less free time to attend all of the wonderful screenings, Q+As, and networking events that I had previously. I am currently in pre-production for at least four short films and one feature; I am in post-production for at least five shorts. I recently directed a short, Dead Letter, with Shiftwork Productions. Once we have finished that for post, I will be entering it into a few competitions.

I had one of my films, Tragedia, screened at Whirlygig Cinema’s Making Tracks. It was performed with live music, and I got to take part in a Q+A. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Did you make it to any sessions at this year's London Screenwriters’ Festival?

No, unfortunately I didn’t. I did see it advertised early on, and I foolishly decided not to go. I’m going to keep an eye out for it next time.

You took part in this year’s Nour Algerian Spectacular. Can you tell us a bit about this festival and how you got involved?

I joined the London Algerian Ballet this year. Some friends in the belly dance community were members last year, and I have done classes and workshops with the organizer. I really loved learning the dances, and learning about Algerian culture through the music and dance. The event was fantastic; I think the audience enjoyed themselves.

Shots from last year's show.

Which have been the three best film festivals you’ve attended in London?

I finally managed to make it to the BFI London Film Festival this year. A lot of the filmmakers came for Q+As and workshops, which is always good. I love hearing stories from the horse’s mouth.

Raindance is a good independent film festival. I volunteered at it last year. They really support independent filmmakers, and are likely to give new film talent a go.

The Open City Docs Festival is a Documentary Film Festival, that incorporates screenings, talks, Q+A, and masterclasses. I would thoroughly recommend it for any documentary filmmaker.

What was the best film you’ve seen in the last twelve months?

My most anticipated film was Stoker. I had been excited about the film ever since I heard ‘Park Chan-Wook’s English-Language Film Debut’ and ‘Nicole Kidman’ in the same sentence. Two of my favourite things = Ticket, sold! 

I refused to read anything else about it or watch the trailer or anything, until I was sat in the cinema. If Park Chan-Wook made every single film from now until eternity, I would be happy.

And then, (dare I say it, dare I say it), I had been highly anticipating and was very, very happy with Pacific Rim. Judge me if you like, but I love Guillermo Del Toro’s work, and it was a rip-roaring ride.

Christmas in London must be dazzling. Do you have any observations you’d like to make for those of us not so privileged?

It still is strange having a cold Christmas. This crazy Northern Hemisphere – don’t they realise Christmas should be on the beach? There are Christmas lights and baubles adorning the streets. I realised last year that the reason there are so many lights are because it is so dark and dreary, that you need something to cheer you up. Christmas Cheer has a different meaning when it is pitch black at 5pm. It makes me less ‘bah-humbug’.

• What’s next for Patricia Hetherington?

I have three large projects that I am working on at the moment.

The first is a feature, a portmanteau. The aim is to make a series of short films in 2014 for distribution in 2015. We are currently in soft pre-production. I am Exec Producing with a DP friend of mine. 


The next is building a project that I am co-organizing, called Action On The Side. It is collaborative filmmaking, where we get a group of people together and make a short film within a month. I took part in the inaugural event in July 2013. The organizer whose brainchild it was liked what I was doing, so asked me to help organize, which I gladly agreed to do. I helped to run the event in October 2013. My team produced two films, which is a feat in itself. Our next event is in February.

And then the next big step is Academia. I’m preparing for a course that I am teaching in Winter at the Business School where I work. The course is on Practical Film Producing. I’m currently preparing the scripts for the students’ assessments. I have also supervised a couple of Independent Studies: one where a student was a Production Assistant on a short film, and another currently, in Scriptwriting. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge of Producing with a group of students. 

Really, [strokes white cat], I’m aiming to build an army of henchmen (Production Assistants), all at my beck and call, as I prepare for World Domination. 


The following video was put together by Patricia at Spitalfields Vintage Market, London, in August 2012. (Spitalfields traces its history back to 1638. These days there are some 160 shops available, with a focus on retro fashion and antiques.) The video consists of a series of photos mixed with a recording of the ambient sound there. The aim is to transport the viewer to where they can see the image and hear the soundscape.

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