Tuesday 5 November 2013

A Hyperlapse of Bath

Jack Fisher was born and raised in Bath, UK. He has been experimenting with film his whole life. From early videos of his friends' travels and fun, to his more recent portrayal of a now ‘legendary’ annual student bar crawl.
In this Hyperlapse I tried to capture the flow and pace of the stunning City of Bath. The summer months thankfully brought sunshine this year, which gave the City a visual warmth and glow. The summer also brings a greater flow of people to the City. I tried to display a juxtaposition between the heavy flow of people moving through Bath's narrow Georgian streets (through the static medium of time-lapse), with the slow pace and flow of the more spacious, tranquil and peaceful areas of the City (through movement orientated hyperlapsing). At night I tried to portray the more gentle, relaxed pace that the City crawls to.

The concept of hyperlapsing was tricky to master, and I feel I still have a lot to learn. It is the definition of trial and error! And finding out what works best for one's own workflow. The film consists of over 6,000 individual stills (over 15,000 if we include the hyperlapses that went wrong). 

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