Wednesday 16 January 2013

Lebowski Bash Adelaide

Early warning. Lebowski Bash Adelaide. Piccadilly Cinema. March 24, 2013.

Need something to really tie your life together? Tired of just bowling, driving around, and the occasional acid flashback? Break out the Kahlua and half-and-half man, because your f*ckin' troubles are over. Achievers, Nihilists, Spinals, Pacifists, Chinamen, Free-spirits, Video Artists, Brother Shamus', known Pornographers and f*ckin' Veterans, on Sunday March 24, get out your finest bathrobe and get your ass down to the Piccadilly Cinema for the First Annual Lebowski Bash Adelaide!

It's time for the Dude to...

You want a costume contest? We can get you a costume contest (with nail polish!). One Jesus per group please, because, you know, 8 year olds. F*ckin' amateurs welcome. We got a Lebowski Tribute Band (you request any Eagles and you're entering a world of pain). We got your poison, Caucasians, Oat Sodas, and Sarsaparillas for all you Strangers out there. And of course, a screening of everyone's favourite movie, The Big Lebowski!

... rescue Bunny.
If you haven't seen it, there is no better time to start (and also, what the hell is wrong with you?!). And if, like us, you've seen it a hundred times, you'll know to just shut the f*ck up, don't go over the line and hold on to your johnsons. So put down the Thai stick for a minute and buy your tickets for Lebowski Bash Adelaide Sunday, March 24th. It's the most fun you'll have without going to a cash machine for $1000 (or $100, if you're like Brandt).

Join the team at Piccadilly Cinema, March 24.
Spread the Word, Dude!!! Don't leave your buddies face down in the muck. This isn't 'Nam after all....

Jeff Bridges introduces "The Big Lebowski," at the Lebowskifest LA 2014.

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