Tuesday 1 January 2013

2013: A new year, a fresh start

I wanted to start the new year by supporting an Adelaide filmmaking project, and this seemed like a good one. 

Nate and Steve Vs. Zombies is an interactive, animated web series, written by Levi George. It’s in found footage style like Rec (2007) or Cloverfield (2008), but the plot also unfolds like an Alternative Reality Game similar to Marble Hornets (2009) or LonelyGirl15 (2006).

Nate and Steve are trapped in a house that is surrounded by zombies, and infested with zombies. With your suggestions, they can purge the house of the zombie threat and survive until rescue arrives... If it ever arrives.
Yes, your suggestion might just save an animated life.

The Pozible fundraising campaign has only three more days to go, and—at the time of writing—the goal has been comfortably exceeded. Nonetheless, there's room for more. Every dollar will help with another episode.

Given Levi's obsession with the zombie apocalypse, and the fact he lives in my neighborhood, I'd feel better if he had plenty of work to keep him busy, so he's not out on the streets. Know what I mean? Help him out. Keep him working. I'd consider it a favor.

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