Saturday 26 January 2013

Australia Day

It's Australia Day. To celebrate, here are a couple of tunes that strike a sentimental note in the heart of any fair dinkum Aussie.

The first is the Director's cut of the 2004 Qantas commercial, featuring the Peter Allen song, I Still Call Australia Home. The original song talks about going to "Rio," which Qantas don't do, so they changed the word to "Rome."

This next video has Peter Allen singing Tenterfield Saddler. Tenterfield is a town in New South Wales, where Peter Allen's family lived. The saddler was Peter Allen's grandfather, the son who has "need of a gun" was his alcoholic father who committed suicide, and Peter is the grandson who "married a girl with an interesting face' (Liza Minelli).

That song always gets to me. Now I'm off to watch the cricket and sink a cold one. Cheers!

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Unknown said...

Your explanation about the gun line deepens our appreciation for the whole story. How sad!