Saturday, 10 September 2011

Meeting with other Writers

Writing can be a lonely business at times. We all need support groups if we're going to stay sane over the long haul. And it's nice that your mum encourages you, but there's nothing like meeting with other writers for a chat and the occasional whinge.

Lots of places around Adelaide have hosted writers' conferences unawares over the years. I've met with writers at the State Library (upstairs at the back, they have tables with power points for your laptops), the King's Head Hotel, the Cibo in Gouger Street, Un Caffè in King William Street, Phat Kitchen, and The Elephant British pub, to name a few.
Stuart Sturgess and Michael Zeitz
Yesterday it was the turn of the Belgian Beer Café to provide hospitality to myself and a couple of local filmmakers, Stuart Sturgess (Maxcat Productions) and Michael Zeitz (John Dory Media). It's a great place to meet in the morning, plenty of room, good coffee (chips for lunch!) and people don't bother you.

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