Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The "New Writers Enter Here" Button

G'day and welcome. This is the tentative beginning of a small service for screenwriters and wannabes living in or around Adelaide, South Australia. 
  • You've written a screenplay, but don't know what to do next?
  • You're still working on the first one, but are feeling blocked, lonely or unloved?
  • You've had a success and want to boast?
Here's a place to start.

About me:

I've been writing novels and screenplays for about fifteen years. I am an associate member of the Australian Writers' Guild. I meet once a month with a group of writers to share the excitement, satisfaction and quiet terror of the screenwriters' journey.

For years I wrote alone in a darkened room. No one knew I was writing, except my wife, who has the priceless gift of enjoying everything I write. And, no, she's not available for consultation. Sorry.

I completed my first screenplay and had a dozen people read it. They all said it was great. (They would, wouldn't they? People hate to deliver bad news.) So I went looking for 'the next step.' I knew nobody involved in film at the time, so I found the SA Film Corporation website and looked for the "New Writers' Enter Here" button.

There wasn't one.
Years later I started this blog as a way of providing that button for others.

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