Friday, 30 September 2011

Hope for Women's movies

Bridesmaids – currently #3 in its genre, Wedding, in North America (only My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Wedding Crashers has done better since 1982) – has a world-wide box office of $284,963,981 and counting. The films continuing success has lifted the profile of Women's pictures in Hollywood, especially in light of the fact the film boasts no movie stars.

Linda Obst (producer of movies such as Flashdance, The Fisher King, Someone Like You, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and The Invention of Lying) said at an interview this week that the success of Bridesmaids proved that, "Broad comedies will sell abroad, even with broads." The full write-up can be found here.

I've had Bridesmaids on my wishlist for a while now. Earlier this week I noticed that the price had gone up, instead of the usual slow reduction that occurs over time, so business must be good in the DVD department as well. 

As with everything else, Hollywood trends are eventually noticed in the lesser filmmaking capitals of the Southern Hemisphere, so if you're working on a RomCom or other Woman's movie script, take heart. 

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