Thursday 13 February 2014

The kindness of strangers

It amazes me how many small-minded people there are in the world.
Some people are cruel and write very harsh things to celebrities on Twitter. What you don't see when you send a nasty tweet is that it can cause pain. So to raise awareness, and hopefully make people think twice before they post something awful, we've once again assembled a group of famous faces to remind everyone that words hurt. ~Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Unknown said...

This is an amazing clip. What an amazing range of stars, and how brave they were to read out such hurtful material.

What I am concerned about, is that to protect themselves, the stars made jokes about the insults. It made the material seem clever and not so bad after all. I think it might start a dialogue between trolls who will compete to write nastier and nastier emails in the hope of publicity like this.