Friday 7 February 2014

ABBA goes to the dogs!

This is the ABBA, Take A Chance On Me, SPCA Pet Adoption Video. 
After watching this, go adopt a needy animal and you'll have a friend for life! You'll be glad you did!
That's the slogan. All I'll say is that, when the cute rottweiler puppy is fully grown and insisting on humping the legs of your relatives, slobbering over the furniture and pissing under the dining room table: Please don't blame me.

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Unknown said...

That looked like it was all done in one shot. What a lot of planning and enthusiasm it must have taken! Great fun. ABBA songs are so well written they brighten up everything they are in. I'm amazed an organisation needing donations paid for the rights to a song like that.

I think you're right about the Rottweiler. That poor puppy was slung from hand to hand and was still composed at the end. He might need a lot of training.

Inspiring example of what can be achieved cheaply so long as the choreography and music and message are strong.