Sunday 17 June 2012

"The Critics"

Most budding screenwriters have been subjected to one or more lectures about the evils of using dialogue in screenplays.

"Show, don't tell," they say. Notice, they say, they don't show their advice.

Well, now we have some people taking that advice seriously. Two film critics, no less. Here they can be seen silently discussing the merits of silent movies.

So sit back and silently enjoy the sight of David Denby and Richard Brody critiquing The Artist and the lost art of cinema before sound.

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Kathy said...

"Show, don't tell," they say. Notice, they say, they don't show their advice.--
Henry, thank you so much for this nugget. Now I have something to say next time someone offers this piece of advice.

This "silent" movie made me chuckle and made me think. It's true, one gets the impression the makers wanted to make the best silent movie ever. From one point of view they have succeeded,as people want different things from movies these days and view a movie with very different experiences from people viewing movies ninety years ago. The Artist is made for our time. One wonders if it would have succeeded in the 1920s.