Monday 30 January 2012

"Please Enjoy!"

Please Enjoy! is a webseries made in Perth (which is a bit like Adelaide, except not quite as nice, and 1,700 miles away by road). The series was created and written by James Pentecost and Richard Webb, who also star in the series.
When Ben applies for the waiter job at Enjoy! Restaurant/Bistro/Bar/Café, he soon finds that things are not quite as they seem (apart from the prices which are actually very reasonable).
    A head chef gone completely insane, a health inspector suffering a rare form of leprosy, and a lesbian vacuum cleaner with right wing tendencies. These are just some of the horrific discoveries waiting inside Enjoy!
    Working amidst this nightmarish setting is Beau Danger (James Pentecost) - a pretentious hipster bar guy, Mike Glanz (Richard Webb) - a manic depressive junior manager, and Rita - a chirpy yet haunted head waitress.
    In order to get the job Ben will have to pass the SEVEN deadly, disturbing, and mostly pointless, CHALLENGES in this supernatural feel-good chiller-horror comedy. Please Enjoy!
It's billed as: Twin Peaks meets Cheers meets X-Files meets Boy Meets World

I couldn't find out much about it. No IMDb record, or website, or other point of access. Pity really. Anyway, here's Episode 1.



Kathy said...

You used to create and correct posts on Wikipedia and imdb, didn't you Henry? Do you still?

Henry Sheppard said...

In selected cases. Why do you ask?