Tuesday 10 January 2012


Here's an Australian wannabe gangster webseries called Crooked.  It was directed, produced, edited and partly written by Matthew Holmes, and shot in Adelaide during 2010. 
Two Tone Pictures assembled a creative team, including the seven lead actors, who then developed their own characters. Story outlines served as a guide; the dialogue and action were improvised on the day.

Locations were found across Adelaide and the main set built and outfitted with props and lighting. Filming occurred over an eighteen day period, with some pickups later in the year. Every scene was covered with two SONY Z1 HDV Cameras.

The producers say they regarded improvisation as a great method of bringing characters and scenes to life. Multiple takes were done of every scene, allowing the cast to iron out any problems. Crooked was meant to be ‘fly-on-the-wall’ mockumentary, so it was important the dialogue and acting had more a natural feel than could be created on paper.

Welcome to the crooked world of Dale and Blake, two petty thieves who watched Goodfellas once too often, and now dream of forming a gang and hitting it big in the criminal underworld.

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Anonymous said...

Classic, and should've been picked up for TV.

Malcolm said...

Good characters. Some scenes a bit too long?