Thursday 12 January 2012

"Da Wiseguys"

Continuing with our gangster theme, here's a webseries, appropriately from Chicago, called Da Wiseguys. It was written by Sal Amato and directed by Frankie Hollywood Rodriguez.

Da Wiseguys was inspired by stories involving crooked politicians and organized crime, namely the Chicago 'Outfit'. The show was originally written to pitch to cable in 2003. There are 7 full episodes written to be shot. Each episode will consist of 8 to 10 webisodes. The first episode is called The Art Of Negotiation, and it will eventually feature nine parts.
Chicago's about to get its first casino. Aside from all the other judges, lawyers and alderman who expect their cut of anything and everything that moves in the City, Alderman Ringenhauser is all that stands in the way of one of Da Wiseguys getting the contract for waste removal from the casino. While the negotiations are just beginning, the outcome is anything but predictable. In the sub-story, Mickey's son is suspended from school and the real reason is still to come.
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