Friday 5 December 2014

Shane Black on 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'

I play Tetris obsessively with scripts, and realize that I still have nothing resembling a finished draft, because I'm still
stuffing ideas in and hoping that these three things will come together to form one hybrid.
   Kiss Kiss Bang Bang started as a romantic comedy. Then it was a straight comedy. Then I added the detective character, and it became this dark thriller. Then I went back in time to the forties and tried to get some of these old-time detective pulp novels involved, and say everything I had to say about that.

   By the end, it's sort of this mishmash. It's a pulp-style homage, fairy-tale, retro, film-noir, comedy, "kids in the big city," Capra-esque murder tragedy. You know, it's everything stuffed together. For some reason, that one worked—but you can play that game forever and never get anything done.

Shane Black, as quoted in Tales from the Script: 50 Hollywood Screenwriters Share Their Stories

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Unknown said...

Only someone who knows what their influences are can get this to happen.