Sunday 7 December 2014

Martin Scorsese on 'The Last Waltz'

Martin Scorsese discusses the experimental nature of the film, The Last Waltz. It functioned as a musical tapestry by presenting The Band's music alongside the various strains of American music — from Mississippi Delta blues to the early pop of the Brill Building — that had influenced them.
   While capturing those legendary performances was one thing, compiling all of them into the film was the true challenge.

Editing is the filmmaking itself, and so I've always been involved in the editing from the very, very beginning. It had to be just felt. Sometimes you couldn't really express it in words. It just felt more comfortable or it felt like it flowed better visually, or moved in tone. And it's something I can't define, but it's nerve-wracking and its anxiety-producing—but it's what we like to do.

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Unknown said...

Martin Scorsese says he structured the movie like a musical tapestry.