Thursday 3 July 2014

The Art of Silence - Martin Scorsese

Even though Martin Scorsese is famous for his use of music, one of his best traits is his deliberate and powerful use of silence. Take a glimpse at fifty years of this simple technique from one of cinema's masters. “The Art of Silence” also examines the depreciation of quietude in Hollywood blockbusters, from 1978′s Superman to 2013′s Man of Steel, alongside Spielberg’s inventive deployment in Saving Private Ryan.

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Unknown said...

Another excellent film lesson from Tony Zhou. I wish he wouldn't speak so fast, he sounds like an old fashioned radio announcer, but I guess he's got a lot to say.

Premium examples. The easy lesson is to keep the soundscape dynamic by remembering to use silence: nothing is loud when everything is loud. The hard lesson is to make sure that silence derives form character and character emotions.