Friday 6 June 2014

Q&A with Richard Jasek

How better to celebrate Friday the Thirteenth than by learning about writing for television?

Richard Jasek (director, producer, exec producer) has recently returned to Adelaide after a long stint as Executive Producer of Neighbours. He has directed many small-screen dramas including Heartbreak High, Blue Heelers, Home & Away, Something in the Air, All Saints, Stingers, Murder Call, The Secret Life of Us, McLeod’s Daughters and City Homicide.

Richard will be sharing his perspective on the inner workings of TV programming and how writers can maximise their chances of breaking into the industry. This will be followed by a Q&A session. The Q&A will be followed by drinks at the Austral Hotel, Rundle Street.

When:   Friday 13th June at 7:15pm
Where:  SA Writers’ Centre, 2nd Floor, 187 Rundle Street, Adelaide SA
Cost:     $5 for AWG Members and $10 for Non-Members

For more information and to book, please click here.

Alternatively, tickets are available at the door.

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Unknown said...

What an incredible list of achievements. I hope this event has been well publicised, this sounds like a major opportunity for television writers. Just be aware that the sign for the SA Writers' Centre on Rundle Street is misleading. If the street level door is open, you need to tramp up three flights of steps to get to the correct level, and the door at the top is frequently locked. The best way in is through Brunelli's Restaurant, head to the back left which is a narrow passage which looks like it only leads to toilets, push on the door which appears to lead to a disabled toilet (you feel as though you are going to burst in on an unfortunate person) and find yourself in the back lobby with a lift. Press the button, wait about a minute. As soon as you are convinced the lift is too antique to work, the doors will open. Go in and press the button labelled 2. The lift will try to trick you by closing you in and doing nothing. Just when you decide to open the doors and escape, it will start moving up. Slowly. Don't get out on Level 1, rumour has it is used to be a brothel. Don't feel safe getting out on Level 2, the lift will make one final attempt to kill you by not stopping level with the floor. Many people trip. Get out with an exaggerated step, and arrive in a large airy floor with no signs. Walk right to the atrium and you will see the sign for the SA Writers Centre. You have arrived. If it is Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday it will be closed, unless there is a special event on. Don't arrive late for Richard Jasek's Q&A. The remainder of the weekend is set aside for a Romance Writers of Australia roadshow and there will be women using the men's toilets. You have been warned.